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Julia and I

St. Andrews is about a hour and a half drive through the Scottish countryside north of Edinburgh. We got on a bus and left at 9:30 in the morning, expecting to arrive around 11.  Well with tons of construction and traffic, we didn’t get there until 12, so we had only about 4 hours in the town.  For those of you who’ve been to California, I would compare St. Andrews to La Jolla. Lots of beauty, quaint, small town, lots of shops, and very touristy.  Of course the main attraction here is the most famous golf course in the world, and also the birthplace of golf, the St. Andrews Old Course.

We got off the bus and headed to the cathedral, or what was left of the cathedral.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I saw “Cathedral” and “castle” on the map, but I didn’t know that it would be in ruins! Goes to show my Scottish history knowledge… Anyways, surrounding what was left of the cathedral was a rather large cemetery, with the ocean on the eastern side. It was absolutely beautiful! The ruins were very cool.

What was left of the Cathedral, the eastern side

I believe I said "I feel like I'm in Harry Potter 4" While taking this picture. The graveyard scene anyone?

The views were incredible as usual, I was surprised to see people surfing!

We then walked over to the castle, which was again in ruins. But the views were beautiful and it was still a great historical adventure. We went down to these tunnels that were dug out by the prisoners, and had to climb through them.

Good thing I'm not claustraphobic!

From here we checked out St. Andrews University, which is Edinburgh’s rival, looked around it’s museum and then headed to the golf course. I was sort of giddy because I like to golf, so this was pretty exciting for me to see. The public can walk around certain areas of the course, so we checked out the British Golf Museum (and were excited to get free admission!) and then walked around the course a bit.

Holes #1 and 18

After the course, we went over to this little tea shop to get some lunch. I got a chocolate cake that was to die for, so yummy. Then we mosey’d our way back to where the bus was going to pick us up.  From there, we got to see a bride and groom taking pictures on their wedding day in the cathedral ruins.

Taking pictures of the bride and groom taking pictures

They had beautiful weather, too

We got back on our cramped little bus and headed back to Edinburgh. Fortunately this time the bus ride was much shorter. Saturday night was the fresher’s ball, which ended up being a blast. Everyone got fancied up, heres a pic of me with my new friends 🙂

Reba, Rebecca, Kristina, Me, Julia, Ellen and Sarah


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