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So I had this whole post written about my first week of classes, and how ridiculously stressful this last week has been, but I decided to skip over all of that mumbo jumbo and just get to the good stuff.  So on Saturday there was another International Student Center trip to Lindisfarne, and Berwick upon Tweed. The day started out pretty poorly, we had to meet at the ISC at 8, and somehow I woke up at 7:47.  I managed to get there at 8:04, but the bus was an hour late, so it didnt even matter. It was particularly windy and cold that day, which kind of sucked, but we were happy to get on the bus.

Our first stop was Lindisfarne. This is a small island off the coast of the English/Scottish border, but *currently* it is considered a part of England. I guess which country it belongs to changes every once and a awhile.  So the population of this little island is 160, and there is no bridge to get to it.  During low tide, there is a little road that connects the island to the mainland, (and I’m using the term “road” loosely) and you can drive on and off the island.  However, if you miss this window, you could end up getting stuck there overnight.

We got there when it was low tide:

This is the outskirts of the Lindisfarne castle, one of the islands main attractions

I felt like by the time we drove to Lindisfarne, the temperature dropped by 20 degrees.  It felt like a chilly/windy fall day in Boston.  This would be a cool picture, if it werent for the silly tourists in the background…

The castle was pretty cool, it is much more like a castle than Edinburgh or St. Andrews Castles, there were actual bedrooms and living spaces and stuff, instead of a fort (Edinburgh) and ruins (St. Andrews)

This is the view of the center of town from the top of the castle:

as you can see, Lindisfarne is very rural. Those little white specks are sheep!  We got to go to a free Mead tasting, which was interesting. I dont know what I was expecting for  a taste, I didnt particularly love it, but I didnt hate it either:

After we had some good lunch and met a nice man from Wales, it was time to get back on the bus and head to Berwick Upon Tweed.  In the 30 minute bus ride, the weather managed to change from awful wind to mildly warm and sunny.  It was a nice change. Berwick Upon Tweed is one of the oldest walled cities in England, and was a very quaint town. The view from one of the hills was amazing.  The waves were crashing a lot, but it was hard to get a good picture.  The bridges to get into the town were beautiful.

This is one of my favorite pictures 🙂

It took us a LONG time to find the castle, which you can sort of see just behind this bridge on the right hand side. Its in ruins, and looks like it was very small.  We had to go on a trek through the wilderness just to find it.

After we walked around some more, some of us had to use the bathroom. We ended up finding a “public toilet” on the outskirts of town, and needless to say a lot of hilarity ensued.  Basically, it was like you were entering something on the starship enterprise.  This futuristic British woman barked commands at you the entire time, informing you of what the bathroom was doing.  It was giving instructions the entire time we were in there.  It also made a lot of noises like it was going to take you to another dimension or something, it sounded like there were a lot of hydraulics or pneumatics to open and close the doors.  Oh and I forgot to mention that it cost 50 pence. We definitely got our 50p worth of entertainment! lol. I think the entire town could hear us laughing.

I think its pretty cool that the International Student Center hosts trips every Saturday.  So far they’ve been 8 pounds, which is a pretty good deal in my opinion.  Its a great way to see the subtle beauty of Scotland/England, and each trip so far has been a lot of fun.  I’m not going on the trip this weekend, theres a lot of homework to be caught up on, and by the way, did I mention next weekend I’M GOING TO DUBLIN? We got flights for 40 pounds, RT, can’t beat that! 🙂


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